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FTCA, Credentialing, & Opioid Risk Management for Employers Training

DateThursday, June 28, 2018
Time: 10:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m. CT (sign-in at 9:45 am; lunch provided)
Location: APHCA Training Center, 8240 Old Federal Road, Montgomery, AL 36117
Suggested Audience: COO's, CMO's, clinical, quality, risk mangement, and credentialing staff.
Registration Fee: $0

BPHC has defined credentialing as “the process of assessing and confirming the qualifications of a health care practitioner.” Health centers are required to credential all licensed or certified health care practitioners. The phrase “all licensed or certified health care practitioners” refers to any individual who is required by law to possess a license or certification to practice and includes, for example, registered nurses, physical therapists, radiology technicians, physician assistants and social workers, etc. An effective credentialing process is not only a requirement to obtain and maintain FTCA coverage, but it is also a critical component of risk management. If a health center were to fail to detect or correct a credentialing problem – such as a lapse or revocation of a license– it could translate into considerable civil and criminal liability to the practitioner and to the health center itself. While these risks are daunting, a health center can manage them by tracking the requisite credentials for each of its practitioners and requiring primary source verification on a timely basis. 

Health centers can also face legal sanctions for the misuse of prescribing, including malpractice liability, medical board discipline, and criminal convictions—recent investigations and legal action have proven the employer liability risks. The second part of this day's training will educate health centers—as employers—on the risks associated with prescribing and dispensing across their providers; additionally, quality, clinical, and support staff will receive an overview of recommended practice guidelines and related risk management strategies.


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