clinical summit 

Save The Date: April 7, 2018
Location: APHCA Training Center, 8244 Old Federal Road, Montgomery,AL

The Alabama Primary Health Care Association provides an annual opportunity for health centers providers/clinicians and other safety net providers to receive the professional development while networking with colleagues in the primary care settings across Alabama and other states in the region. Experts in all aspects of the healthcare field provide the very latest in clinical protocols, studies and guidelines to enhance health care professionals in the delivery of medical and preventative care.


1) Define measures to control, prevent, delay, or manage diabetes.
2) Identify how to implement and refer evidence-based community interventions to increase screenings and modify risk behaviors for diabetes. 
3) Recognize health care providers’ critical role in recommending, influencing and increasing use of preventive services for cancers.
4) Identify the benefits of early detection of cervical cancer through appropriate screenings to reduce mortality rates resulting from cancer.

Who Should Attend:
Medical Directors, physicians, nurse practitioners, physician assistants, nursing related staff and staff involved in care coordiantion.