Alabama Primary Health Care Associated

APHCA Belief



Belief fuels enthusiasm and enthusiasm explodes into passion.  It fires our souls and lifts our spirits.

Who We Are

The mission of the Alabama Primary Health Care Association is to strengthen and expand Alabama’s community health center network through service, technology and collaboration so that Alabamians have access to coordinated health care and improved outcomes. APHCA is committed to become a leader in providing innovative and meaningful services to Alabama’s primary health care providers so that all Alabamians have access to care through a cost efficient, patient centered, outcome focused model.

APHCA is committed to the following core values:  

Excellence – APHCA will operate within operational and service centers of excellence. Recognizing excellence is not perfection—it is performance at the highest level given resources and other factors. APHCA is responsible for its performance and will seek excellence in all it seeks to accomplish.   

Integrity – APHCA will demonstrate personal and professional integrity. The staff will not compromise its ethics and remain grounded in its core values.   

Teamwork – APHCA will work together within the Association and with other partners and stakeholders to leverage ideas, resources, and outcomes to fulfill the mission and vision of the Association. APHCA’s staff is responsible to each other and to the 126 health center delivery sites it serves.   

Innovation – APHCA will embrace innovation as a vehicle to meet the needs of its members, enhance operational efficiencies and clinical effectiveness.   

Service – APHCA is a service organization and will continue to focus its resources on providing meaningful services to Alabama’s health centers in their effort to provide access to quality primary care to uninsured and under served individuals. APHCA will also serve its community and become an active partner in a local community project to reflect the service and compassion of not only its staff, but of the members represented.  

Compassion – APHCA strives to demonstrate its compassion for others through its own involvement in community activities as well as through its service efforts. Every effort of the Association will be built upon a foundation of compassion for vulnerable and under served individuals in the State.