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Health Centers to Receive Preliminary Estimates of New Auto-HPSA Scores

HRSA has been working for several years to update its system for calculating HPSA scores, including moving towards the use of national data sets, more consistent decision rules, and more frequent updates.  The agency updated all geographic and population HPSA scores last winter, and plans to update auto-HPSA scores late next spring, with the new scores going into effect during the 2020 NHSC recruitment year. Over the next week, HRSA will send all health centers preliminary estimates of their auto-HPSA scores for 2020.  Please note that these scores are not final, as important data is still being updated in some areas; health centers will receive additional estimates before they are finalized.  Some health centers’ new auto-HPSA scores may be significantly different from their current scores – particularly those that have not been updated in over a decade.  For more information on these estimates and what they mean, see NACHC's Shortage Designation webpage .