Information Technology

How health organizations can defend themselves webinar

How individuals can protect themselves at work and home webinar

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Data and Informatics

Has advanced reporting tools designed to work with your certified electronic medical record system and provides seamless reporting for Meaningful Use, PCMH, UDS, and other accreditation standards. These tools are vital for organizations operating in the current data driven environment.


Provides advanced security services to optimize connectivity and use of web based services while maintaining a high level of security. Unified Threat Management services include Firewall, Web Content Filtering, e-mail filtering, remote access, wireless access, and anti-virus protection.


Provides a complete portfolio of leading technology solutions including cost efficient hardware, software, and advanced support services.


VoIP (Voice over IP) Technology Solutions offers a higher quality, lower cost systems capacity than traditional analog systems. Enterprise-class business IP phone systems are web based and designed to lower your day-to-day operational costs and maintenance while providing state-of-the-art connectivity with minimal hardware requirements.


Offers affordable and professional strategies and tools to host secure e-mail systems customized for your organization through a Microsoft Exchange platform.

Technical Support

Offers affordable options for managed services to safeguard the integrity and effectiveness of technology hardware. This includes around the clock monitoring of hardware and remote access tools which allow most technical issues to be quickly resolved without the cost or inconvenience of an on-site visit. For more information contact APHCA Technology Solutions