Patient Experience Program

Given the transformation currently underway within Alabama’s Medicaid system, community health centers now more than ever face an urgent need to redefine and execute patient retention strategies. The Alabama Primary Health Care Association (APHCA) is dedicated to helping its network of community health centers achieve positive patient experience results and continued performance improvement through the entire patient experience process- from the time the patient checks in, to clinical assessment, and all the way to discharge and patient follow-up.

Through its Patient Experience Program, APHCA will assess and analyze an organization’s current level of patient satisfaction and provide recommendations for improved outcomes. APHCA offers a two-pronged approach to assessing an organization’s patient experience performance.

1) Secret Patient Survey

First, a series of secret patient calls to each practice location are executed to retrieve data and indicators of current performance in the in-take and appointment process. Each site receives at least 4 calls to create an efficient baseline for reporting. APHCA will then take results of the calls and compile a findings report inclusive with performance improvement recommendations.

2) Patient Satisfaction Survey

Next, APHCA offers a patient satisfaction survey to gauge the level of patient experience following a clinical encounter. APHCA will mail out simple surveys with return addressed envelopes to a panel of patients in a specified time frame following a physical visit to their health center, and will consist of questions surrounding their experience with their physician and other clinical staff. This will also assess clinical processes and may indicate prevalent issues with work flow.

3) Report and Performance Improvement Training

Finally, once initial assessments are made and findings report completed, APHCA will come and conduct an on-site training for health center staff and present the findings along with recommendations for performance improvement.

Explanation of Services and Fees

1 Standard requests: All standard requests are completed within 30-45 days.

2 Secret Patient Calls: Anonymous calls made to each location site asking typical patient questions related to services offered, fees, hours of operation, etc. Each call is assessed and scored based on respondent’s tone, greeting, helpfulness and various other factors.

3 Scenario: A strategized order of events and/or issues related to the patient’s basis of calling the center. Could be a health emergency, need of insurance coverage, seeking a family doctor who accepts Medicaid, etc.

4 Findings report: A compiled report inclusive with scoring data and metrics used to rate responses and performance from each scenario implemented.

5 Recommendations: A compilation of performance improvement indicators based on results from the findings report. Performance improvement recommendations are utilized from a variety of relative sources for health centers, including but not limited to PCMH, TJC, NCQH and HRSA Health Center Program Requirements.

APHCA will track activities and associate fees incurred throughout the process and will submit a final invoice once services are rendered. Payment is expected within 15 days of receipt of invoice.

APHCA Contact Information

If your organization is interested in securing services through APHCA’s Patient Experience Program, please notify Brittany Roosendaal at 334-386-3988 for more information.