The Alabama Primary Health Care Association (APHCA) understands the need for organizations to secure professional services and products in the most cost efficient manner and has organized purchasing programs for medical supplies, laboratory, dental supplies and other programs. These opportunities were developed to leverage the purchasing power of APHCA members to achieve economies of scale and value regardless of individual organizational size. Each of these programs service APHCA members with the same quality products at high volume pricing.

Community health providers are constantly challenged to provide high quality, low cost health care to an expanding population. Through these innovative group purchasing programs, APHCA members are able to access pricing structures which allow them to maximize their potential for serving their target populations

Group Purchasing Opportunities are only available to APHCA members. To become an APHCA member, please click here.

Dental - APHCA offers a group purchasing opportunity to members for dental supplies and services through the Henry Schein subsidiary, Dentrix.

Laboratory - APHCA offers a group purchasing opportunity to members for laboratory supplies and services through:
- Laboratory Corporation of America (LabCorp)
- Quest Diagnostics

Medical - APHCA has negotiated group purchasing opportunities for medical supplies. APHCA members may participate in this program and receive discounted rates on the most commonly used medical supplies. Once a member of the GPO, the member organization will place purchase orders directly through the medical supply organization and pay invoices on an individual basis directly to them. Medical Supply GPO opportunities can be found with:

Supplies and Services – APHCA offers a group purchasing opportunity to members for a variety of supplies and services, including medical and office supplies, capital and IT equipment, cell phones, furniture and more from Value in Purchasing (VIP).

If you are interested in any of the above services or programs and for pricing information and participation forms, contact Brittany Roosendaal at 334-386-3988.