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Recruiting Referral Program  

Recruiting in primary care comes with a unique set of challenges. Not only is it difficult to recruit providers and allied health care in rural areas, but health centers generally serve a population with complex health conditions that is aging and becoming increasingly diverse. Furthermore, FQHCs are typically not equipped with a full-time recruiter on staff to effectively strategize and market opportunities and interview candidates to ensure a good fit.

As the voice for community health centers, APHCA recognizes these challenges and has strategically developed a Recruiting Referral Program to offer its members access to experienced recruiters from various reputable firms who have years of experience recruiting for rural and underserved areas. By collaborating with APHCA, recruiting firms can gain access to member organizations and can positively impact the community health center network by offering reduced time-to-hire, cost reductions and quality of hire.

APHCA’s Recruiting Referral Program was developed for recruiting firms that wish to build long lasting, successful relationships with APHCA and its members. Eligible collaborators include representatives from contingency and retained firms offering permanent placements for both medical providers and allied health workers and must be approved through APHCA’s application process. From direct introduction of key stakeholders to opportunities for presentation and showcase, to opportunities for key collaboration—referral status with APHCA opens doors to better know and understand Alabama’s safety net arena thus providing a recruiting pipeline for the future. Click here to learn more.

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Job Opportunities

APHCA and its health center Network have a wide range of employment and career opportunities for providers, nursing, quality, operations, finance, technology, and outreach staff. Current Career Opportunities include:

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