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Community of Care

Alabama’s community health centers are at the forefront of Alabama’s primary care system in providing high quality, cost effective health care services to over 350,000 Alabamians across 150 different practice locations statewide. Health centers are comprehensive primary care systems that welcome all patients across all age groups, regardless of income or insurance status.  While not free clinics, health centers provide affordable medical, dental, behavioral health, vision, and enabling services under one roof. APHCA’s health centers employ nearly 2,000 Alabamians, including almost 500 providers, and have a statewide economic impact of $346 million annually.

Compared to private primary care providers, health centers serve more publicly insured recipients and uninsured patients with very low incomes who generally have higher occurrence of chronic disease: 46% have no health insurance coverage, 28.5% have Medicaid, 10% have Medicare, and 15% have private insurance coverage.

Health centers are leading practice transformation efforts by operating within nationally recognized care platforms designed to reduce health disparities and improve the health outcomes of patients and communities. Alabama’s health centers have joined together to form the Intelligent Care Network, a statewide network of health centers demonstrating how primary care systems can increase quality and improve patient outcomes while reducing costs. With values rooted in patient-centered, team-based, and technology-enabled care, the Intelligent Care Network is a leader in population health management.