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TRUSTED Intelligent Care: If, as the saying goes, “Culture eats strategy for lunch,” then enhancing organizational culture must become strategy No. 1. However, this is not often the case. Participants will engage with APHCA in collaboration with Dr. Brian Wong to complete Patient-Accountable Culture (P-AC) Assessments to help identify ways to improve organizational culture.

Compliance and Risk Management Institute: Corporate compliance is perhaps the most significant component to effective health center management and ensuring continued access to critical primary care and prevention services for hundreds of thousands of Alabama residents. APHCA’s Compliance and Risk Management Institute is a series of timely advice for emerging risks or legal/regulatory changes, an opportunity to brush up on the challenges that remain constant, and up-to-date information about operational trends seen in the field. The series will consist of five live/recorded virtual trainings available for purchase as a series or individual registration.

Clinical Leaders Improving Measures Boldly (CLIMB): This workgroup consists of clinical, quality, and health IT staff across APHCA’s Intelligent Care Network. The workgroup focuses on identifying, documenting, and spreading best practices across the Network to improve clinical and operational performance, enhance outcomes, and increase patient and staff experience and satisfaction.

Association membership is not required to engage in training and technical assistance offerings supported by HRSA’s Cooperative Agreement Program.

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