About Us

We are APHCA

The Alabama Primary Health Care Association is the professional association representing the operational, clinical, and financial interests of community health centers. Health centers are the cornerstone of Alabama’s primary care system and represent the largest group of primary care providers serving over 350,000 medically under served patients annually across 150 community locations.


We are a catalyst for high performance and operational excellence across our community health Network. As a change leader, APHCA provides services to optimize the value and impact from its Network on quality, population health, the experience of patients and staff, and cost efficiency of care.


APHCA is compelled by a vision of a future in which its health care Network is recognized as a leading value based, patient centered system of care.


We care passionately about the people we work with and those we serve. We believe everyone has value and intentionally build relationships with and invest in them to help them reach their highest levels of performance potential as individuals, teams, and organizations.
Servant Leadership.
We understand the needs of others and work with urgency to achieve results through a service first approach: Active listening, empathy, crucial and accountable conversations, and influence while thinking beyond day-to-day realities and seeing the bigger picture. We leverage our time, talents, and resources to help others optimize performance to their fullest capacity.
We work together to understand what needs to be done and acquire expertise and resources to develop, implement and sustain solutions that empower teams, drive high performance and improved outcomes. We are one team and measure ourselves against the highest standards of integrity, performance, and fiscal responsibility and will exceed expectations through continuous improvement and the delivery of remarkable services.
We believe people are inspired to do their best work when engaged in relationships and processes that contribute to something bigger than themselves. We focus on the quality and impact of programs, products, and services to achieve meaningful performance improvement in operations and outcomes.