Choose the Membership Category that Best Suits You

As a member of APHCA, you’ll join 2,000 health center employees from across Alabama who are dedicated to enhancing their professional development and improving organizational performance.

NOTE: Dues are prorated based on the month you join, and membership is based on calendar year.

Membership Benefits

Membership benefits and services available through APHCA include training and technical assistance, member only rates at APHCA events and trainings, policy and advocacy, performance improvement programs, and operations development initiatives. The Alabama Primary Health Care Association offers membership at three levels: Corporate, Associate, and Advocate.

Membership Levels

Organizational $8900 Annually

Organizational membership is a voting membership reserved for U.S. Public Health Service, Section 330 federally qualified health centers and Indian Tribal Groups.  Organizational members are represented on the APHCA Board of Directors by the official member of record.

Associate $3000 Annually

Associate membership is a non-voting membership category available to public or nonprofit organizations designated by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services and/or Alabama Medicaid Agency as safety net providers and include, but are not limited to FQHC-LA, health centers with funding limited to special populations, behavioral health clinics, HIV/AIDS service organizations, and rural health clinics.  Associate Members shall not participate on the Board of Directors, vote on Corporation matters, or have access to exclusively offered to Organizational Members.

Advocate $500 Annually 

Advocate membership is a non-voting membership category comprised of nonprofit organizations which represent consumers or others in support of education, health literacy, and outreach.

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