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In partnership with federal, state, and local stakeholders, APHCA is committed to advancing operational and clinical best practices across health centers and related health organizations. Educational programs educate, motivate, and support expanded access capacity, organizational excellence, and high performance through easily accessible and affordable in-person and virtual training and development, technical assistance, and a variety of related programs and courses. APHCA continually assesses industry needs to ensure training and other technical support offerings are strategic, timely, and relevant to Alabama’s community health providers.

Association membership is not required to engage in training and technical assistance offerings supported by Health Resources and Services Administration’s Cooperative Agreement Program. Additionally, Member rates are available to organizations covered by the Health Resources and Services Administration’s Cooperative Agreement Program. Contact APHCA for more information about eligibility status.

Training Programs

HRSA’s Ending the HIV Epidemic: A Plan for America: Ending the HIV Epidemic (EHE) was developed in response to a plan introduced by former President Donald Trump to maximize resources to specific areas or states in the country heavily impacted by HIV. With Alabama being one of the targeted states, APHCA will deliver training on cultural competency, prevention including the use of PrEP, implementing universal testing, and CMEs to improve early detection and treatment to patients in health centers. 

Compliance and Risk Management Institute: Leaders across healthcare systems must implement, manage, and sustain “effective compliance” programs. Compliance Programs are purposeful, well-designed, and ongoing efforts which must form the basis of any organization’s culture and management systems that protect an organization by detecting and preventing improper conduct and promoting adherence to the organization’s legal, regulatory, and ethical obligations. The Compliance and Risk Management Institute is an all-day training, focusing on elements required for effective compliance and providing evaluation tools that can be used to establish and track compliance activities. Attendees will review healthcare compliance and infrastructure, assess how to audit, monitor specific areas of high risks for health centers, and understand effective regulatory compliance.

Mastering Health Center Program Fundamentals: APHCA’s Mastering Health Center Program Fundamentals series is designed to cover health center foundations, operations, finance, and quality program requirements in the HRSA manual and the Site Visit Protocol. Participants will receive the latest updates in the OSV and application review process and obtain the tools necessary to demonstrate compliance. The series is covered by four in person trainings.

Association membership is not required to engage in training and technical assistance offerings supported by HRSA’s Cooperative Agreement Program.

Education & Events

APHCA’s trainings and annual conferences provide opportunities to learn about the latest issues, connect with colleagues, and generate momentum to further advance operational and clinical performance across community health providers improving patient and community health.

Trainings: APHCA trainings are conducted throughout the year to provide health with insight and best practices to improve their outcomes. Topics include: health center program fundamentals, compliance and risk management, leadership development, accelerating value-based care, enhancing emergency preparedness and response, Ending the HIV Epidemic, workforce, and other required federal and state issues.

Annual Conference and Expo: This conference is informative and empowering for our members, partners, and collaborators to learn from leading experts in areas of exceptional leadership, operational excellence, performance improvement, clinical best practices, and financial management. These educational sessions will assist in meeting the needs of Alabamians’ access to coordinated health care and improved outcomes.

Networking Forum: Alabama Primary Health Care Association’s annual Networking Forum convenes leadership staff and providers from Alabama’s community health system to receive training and development in core compliance and operational areas, as well as to share challenges, ideas, and best practices with colleagues from across the state and region. This unique format provides opportunities to build relational skills with peers statewide, and on the national level, to increase practical and strategic abilities.

Association membership is not required to engage in training and technical assistance offerings supported by HRSA’s Cooperative Agreement Program.

Become a Sponsor

The Alabama Primary Health Care Association is proud to announce sponsorship opportunities for its Educational Programs. It is only through the generous support of health center partners, sponsors, and vendors that APHCA continues to provide essential learning and networking forums. We appreciate your continued support.

If you are interested in becoming a sponsor, please contact Jeff Andrews at (334) 386-3979.


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