We Deliver Results

When things and people work together, they work better. APHCA’s highly experienced team of professionals provide services designed to enhance operational and clinical performance across primary care systems. The impact of its solutions continues to be demonstrated across a variety of operational and clinical performance areas: APHCA has led the:

Adoption and implementation of electronic health record systems at a level above the national average;

Achievement and optimization of patient centered medical home recognition through The Joint Commission and/or NCQA at a level that is 69% higher than other states;

Advancement of health IT and quality across its Network at a level that is 84% higher than other states; the 9th highest level among health centers nationally;

Provision of care to 20% more patients per health center than served in other states; and

Demonstration of continued readiness and full federal program compliance at a level three times higher than health centers nationally.

Practice Transformation

Based on the unique needs of community health providers, APHCA leads organizations down a proven path of transformation and sustainable change which results in care with greater value and quality. By successfully implementing integrated advanced primary care systems, providers are better positioned to meet the demands and expectations for providing value-based care. Using an evidence-based framework, APHCA provides assessment, planning, implementation, coaching, and health IT services which increase quality, improve care outcomes, reduce the cost of care, and enhance patient and staff experiences.

Our team members are skilled professionals with extensive real-world experience supporting the implementation and recognition of patient-centered medical homes through The Joint Commissioner and/or the NCQA, full adoption and meaningful use of health IT, advanced care coordination and patient engagement, and utilization of population health management tools to gain insight from real time data, drive clinical performance through actionable intelligence, and to increase the overall value and impact of care.


Validating the qualifications, education, certification, and experience of licensed professionals is foundational to patient safety and quality, is critical to the revenue cycle, and minimizes legal exposure to your organization. Failure to complete ongoing credentialing activities creates enormous risks for health systems across clinical, operational, and financial dimensions. APHCA’s Credentialing Services comply with federal and accreditation standards.

APHCA provides comprehensive, efficient, and specialized credentialing solutions for health centers which include primary source verification, initial credentialing and recredentialing services, expirables management, and ongoing sanctions monitoring designed to meet the unique requirements for federally qualified health centers. APHCA’s services are supported by highly experienced and certified staff to ensure quality verifications with attention to outcomes and timeliness. Providers may submit credentialing applications online through its eApply portal, and customers have access through its eStatus portal to monitor practitioners’ credentialing processes, download completed credentialing files to minimize paperwork, and maximize customer satisfaction.

Health Information Technology

APHCA assist health systems in adopting and optimizing the impact of fully leveraging health IT across electronic health records, health information exchange, and population health management tools. We work closely with administrative and clinical team members to maximize the alignment of health IT use with operational processes, workflows, and policies. These systematic efforts increase compliance with regulatory requirements and increase overall operational and clinical efficiency while improving the completeness and accuracy of data collection, aggregation, and reporting, identifying gaps in care, and eliminating disparities across the system of care.


Intelligent Care Network

Value-based care is powered by integrated solutions which focus on improving quality and outcomes, enhancing care experience, and reducing overall costs. The Intelligent Care Platform is a flexible, real-time, health information system which drives improvement across key business functions. The Platform seamlessly integrates clinical and operational data from disparate systems and provides actionable business intelligence through an advanced system of dashboards, charts, reports, analytics, and alerts.

The Intelligent Care Platform is the cornerstone of patient-centered care, improving quality and outcomes and optimizing system resources and workflow. Comprehensive, data-informed solutions include:

  • Real-time data warehouse which collects, integrates, aggregates, and reports data from operational, financial, and clinical records across disparate record systems
  • Data and analytics which translate large and disparate data into easily accessible actionable intelligence to more effectively manage operations, enhance clinical decision support, and deliver patient centered care
  • Dashboard solutions provide analytical, comprehensive, and dynamic tools through a condensed, visual report of key performance across a robust set of clinical, quality, and operational measures; fostering the ability to quickly assess performance levels of gaps, predict trends, and prioritize resources
  • Performance benchmarking against state and national standards across relevant clinical, quality, and operational areas
  • Care management tools designed to support enhanced patient engagement through intelligent and systematic strategies
  • Health information exchange which allows providers to access and securely share critical medical information electronically to improve the speed, quality, safety, and cost of patient care
  • Cloud-based technology solutions including disaster recovery, business continuity services, and certified electronic medical record platform

Quality and Performance Improvement

Engaging in continuous improvement activities is a critical strategy to achieve the quadruple aim of increasing quality, improving the health of the population, enhancing patient and staff experiences, and reducing the cost of care. Additionally, federal and accreditation standards require a formal and systemic quality program which integrates defined goals, objectives, and measures into a plan for improvement across operational, clinical, and financial areas. APHCA provides services that can be used alone or in combination and assist health systems with quality and performance improvement:

  • Practice facilitation (or coaching) to enhance the development of skills and organization around a formal Quality Program, infrastructure, approach, and performance management system along with supportive tools and expertise to help troubleshoot challenges or barriers
  • Data feedback and benchmarking on organizational performance, as compared to external benchmarks along with assistance targeting areas for improvement
  • Expert consultation to provide organizations with specific evidence-based knowledge from clinicians and staff outside the practice
  • Consultation and support related to effectively convening a multidisciplinary team to systematically analyze the sequence of events leading to errors or adverse events to identify the underlying cause, and why the event occurred to prevent future errors and events
  • Consultation and support related to effectively engaging in PDCA cycles for the control and continuous improvement of processes and workflows.
  • Shared learning or learning collaboratives to share challenges, lessons learned, and best practices


Business Services

APHCA offers professional, health IT, and support services to enhance and transform the operational, financial and clinical capacity of our members.

  • Corporate Compliance: Our compliance experts can help your organization plan, implement, and manage an effective Compliance Program in accordance with standards established by the Office of Inspector General. Additional support is available to help integrate compliance and quality activities in a manner which fully leverages the objectives of both initiatives with effective resource management.
  • Evaluation and Assessment Services
  • Our experts provide comprehensive evaluation services through critical review across operational, policy, procedural, and practice aspects of an organization to assess performance effectiveness, compliance, readiness, and impact and include:
    • Health Center Program Compliance
    • Accreditation Readiness
    • Clinical Documentation Accuracy and Completeness
    • Organizational Policy and Procedures Assessment
    • Quality and Risk Management Programs
    • Corporate Culture, Leadership, and Team Effectiveness
    • Customized evaluation services based on unique organizational need
  • Policies and Procedure Support Services
  • APHCA provides specialized services to assist community health centers in the development, integration, execution, and ongoing management of operational and clinical policies, procedures, and related plans.
  • Customized Services designed based on unique organizational needs
  • APHCA’s team of consultants are available to provide evaluation and assessment services across a wide variety of leadership, organizational, operational, and clinical aspects of community health center management. Contact APHCA to discuss your unique evaluation needs.
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