APHCA Partner Spotlight

To all our healthcare partners:

We want to thank you for your dedication and perseverance during these extraordinary times. All of the employees at Medline appreciate and are inspired by what you and your teams are doing to provide care at such a critical time. Our whole country owes you a debt of gratitude.

We know that you need action and, most specifically, supplies. Medline’s designation as a Critical Infrastructure Industry is allowing us to not only stay operational, but to continue to get deliveries to all areas of the country. We are intent on doing our part to support you. We’ve increased production, redeployed and added manufacturing capabilities to produce new product and decontaminate N95 respirators for re-use, and are continuing to invest heavily in airfreighting product from Asia to increase supply as quickly as possible. We know there is not enough PPE on the ground today and want you to know Medline is sparing no cost or effort to respond to your needs.

Medline is dedicated to providing you transparent communication on the current state of product availability and how we are managing the supply chain during this crisis. In addition to the information that we’ve already shared, we are launching a resource center on Medline.com in the coming days for regular updates and a host of other tools you should find beneficial as you manage through the current situation.

To find out more, please watch this video from Medline CEO Charlie Mills. On behalf of our 17,000+ employees in the United States, many of whom are working around the clock in our manufacturing and distribution centers, we are here to support you — and your patients — in every way we can.