Partner Spotlight

TruMed Systems, the maker of AccuVax and AccuShelf would like to help you establish a robust COVID-19 infrastructure today. The AccuShelf system ensures compliance by simplifying complex COVID-19 workflows and protects vaccine integrity.  Their new promotion, “Be COVID-19 Ready with AccuShelf TM-C – The Complete Vaccine Management System for COVID-19” addresses customer questions on the COVID-19 vaccine and how they can be ready! What better way to ease your concerns and show how simple it is to manage the COVID-19 vaccine storage and workflows than with AccuShelf!

For only $250 per month, this offer includes:

·     AccuShelf Temperature Monitoring System with wireless scanner

·     x1 ultra-low temperature digital data logger

·     X2 standard temperature digital data loggers

·     Automated COVID-19 vaccine workflows with expiry tracking and real-time dose tracking

·     Management and workflows for all vaccines

Please reach out to www.trumedsystems.com to schedule a demonstration.