Peer Groups

Clinical Leaders Improving Measures Boldly (CLIMB): Clinical and Quality Workgroup
The Clinical Leaders Improving Measures Boldly (CLIMB) Workgroup consists of clinical, quality, and health IT staff from across APHCA’s Intelligent Care Network. APHCA’s Network provides an advanced population health management and information exchange (PHM/E) Platform to provide an integrated and adaptable framework for population health management, care delivery optimization, expanded care coordination, patient outreach and engagement, and interoperability. Each of these solutions will support PHCs in their clinical and administrative transformation to value-based care models. The CLIMB Workgroup will provide leadership to the HCCN team and work to combine data management, advanced integration and analytics, patient outreach campaigns, and real-time data visualization capabilities with its health data repository to facilitate PHI transfer, data integration, standardization, analysis, and standardized or customized data dashboards. Goals of the HCCN are to improve clinical and operational performance, enhance outcomes, and increase patient and staff experience and satisfaction.
2022 CLIMB Meeting Dates:

Workforce Peer Group
As the healthcare environment continues to change rapidly, each organization must have a comprehensive strategy to develop, recruit, retain, and support a workforce to meet current and emerging needs. In light of HRSA’s requirements for workforce assessment, development, implementation, management, and reporting, the Workforce Peer Group will assist members in developing an overarching vision for strategies — all designed to build and sustain the workforce of the future. Peer group members will better understand how to lay the groundwork for a comprehensive workforce plan necessary to enhance the experience and satisfaction of employees, providers, and related team members. The peer group will also explore strategies and approaches for tracking and evaluating metrics to inform ongoing workforce efforts better. Participants will learn essential steps in the recruitment process, including assessing organizational strengths and challenges, defining related roles and activities, setting priorities and identifying resources, developing a solid interview process, and documenting successes. The peer group will also receive information and tools to bolster workforce planning, development, and management efforts to build a robust workforce plan for their health center.
2022 Workforce Peer Group Meeting Dates: