You need to consider how your practice will manage and store your vaccines as safely and effectively as possible. The key to this is a centralized system that allows you to automate the entire vaccination process, from receipt to patient administration, so you can focus on patient care and vaccine advocacy.

The AccuShelf Inventory Management System allows you to manage and monitor vaccines across various storage temperature requirements with ease. The technology captures the lot, expiry, and dose of every vaccine through a wireless scanner. Automatic updates help you keep track of puncture times, dose counts, and second shots, as well as low or expiring inventory. Integrated digital data loggers can be attached to any cold storage device to provide real-time temperature monitoring and alerts. With cloud-based reports and complete vaccination data, your inventory is always stored and administered correctly.

The AccuVax Vaccine Management System also helps you overcome the challenges of COVID-19 vaccine storage and workflows. As a purpose-built vaccine system and emerging standard in vaccine stock management, this technology guarantees temperature control for frozen and refrigerated vaccines. With a built-in battery pack, you can ensure your vaccines are still kept safe for up to 15 hours after a power outage. Real-time inventory tracking helps you monitor every single vial and stay on top of compliance.

Find out how you can prepare for the COVID-19 vaccine and improve your vaccine stock management in 2021. Request a demo now to see how the AccuShelf and AccuVax systems can help your practice get ready for the rollout.