APHCA Partner Spotlight

Having Telehealth Technology Troubles? A new telehealth solution is available from Aesto Health, one of our Platinum Partners. Making telehealth work means making the experience easy for both patients and providers. The problem is, “easy” isn’t the same for everyone. Some of us prefer downloading apps to our mobile device, while others find using a web browser more friendly. Everyone wins when they can choose their own path to “easy.”

The telehealth solution from Aesto Health has both versions of “easy” built right in. That’s why it’s a better telehealth platform for patients and providers alike. Aesto Health offers a secure, simple and flexible solution for telehealth with an amazing patient and provider experience, automated interactions to minimize effort and robust features to enable remote monitoring of patient vitals. It’s time to upgrade your telehealth experience and stress less with the technology. Get a personal demonstration. Go to RemoteVisit.care

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