Leading Culture for TRUSTED Intelligent Care

As a nationally recognized healthcare consultant, author and CEO of The Bedside Trust, Dr. Brian Wong helps physicians, leaders and staff become more effective at delivering coordinated team-based care. Dr. Wong has spent the last fifteen years assisting diverse healthcare systems build more Patient-Accountable Cultures, based on a practice that gives everyone the knowledge, tools and direction to create higher performing patient-centered organizations.

If, as the saying goes, “Culture eats strategy for lunch,” then enhancing organizational culture must become strategy No. 1. However, this is not often the case. Our preoccupation with strategies, activities and metrics often trumps our focus on culture and behavior — to the actual detriment of quality, safety, efficiency and the patient experience. This is a major cause of our current challenges. We have all become driven to distraction with initiative overload. Meanwhile, the crush of daily activities takes us further and further away from focusing on our patients. This session gives you the needed insights, tools and resources to evaluate the current state of your organization’s culture, define what needs to change and develop a 90 day action plan to improve the culture in your own organization.

Session Objectives:

• Define your culture based on what matters most to patients.
• Conduct a cultural S.W.O.T. analysis to see the connections between culture, strategy, performance and outcomes
• Conduct a Root Cause Analysis (R.C.A.) to fully understand how and why “Culture eats strategy for lunch, 7 days a week.”
• Measure your organization’s culture in the current state
• Change your culture by doing less of one thing, not more of everything

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